Sport Climbing Essentials Course

Join our crash course in lead climbing, designed for aspiring leaders wanting to know all the proper and safe procedures sport climbing outside. This program delves into the art of leading sport climbs in outdoor settings while also providing attentive positive instruction. 


  • Essential gear selection for sport climbing.
  •  techniques for placing and clipping quickdraws across varied climbing scenarios.
  •  hands-on practice.
  • Proficiency in lead belaying techniques and catching falls.
  • The finesse of stick-clip usage.
  • Expertise in route and anchor cleaning, a vital skill for sport climbers.

These competencies not only prepare you for the thrill of sport climbing but also open doors to climbing destinations worldwide.

Full Day

Join Our Sport Climbing Essentials Course

In this full day course you will learn the following

Maximum group size of 12 participants (2 guides 6:1 Ratio), Minimum 2 guests.

You will finish this climbing session confident in the basics of leading sport climbs! A great start to becoming proficient in the art of rock climbing!

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Meeting Location- Donner Summit

The Course will be held on Donner Summit, Meet at School Rock Parking 1000′ uphill of Donner Summit Bridge (Rainbow bridge)

Meeting Location

Sonora Pass courses will be held in the vicinity of Pinecrest Lake Sonora Pass Highway.  We will meet in front of the Pinecrest Food Market and head to our climbing location from here.

What to Bring

  • Comfortable clothing suitable for climbing
  • Rain Jacket
  • Closed-toe shoes with good traction preferably approach shoes
  • Sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses
  • A small backpack (20-30 liter) with water and lunch for the day snacks
  • Personal climbing gear: shoes, harness, helmet, and belay device. if you own them (optional; we will provide all necessary equipment if needed)